Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year, New Bag. Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini Review

I got a new bag, which to me is the most exciting thing ever. Especially when its a bag that I have pretty much been stalking on the Rebecca Minkoff website for months just looking at it and crying about how expensive it was. On the day after my 21st birthday as I was again stalking the bag I noticed it wasn't on the site anymore, I was devastated. So I searched for it on the site just to make sure it was actually gone, then the most wonderful thing happened. IT CAME UP IN THE SALE section + day after my birthday + more then $100 off original price = a birthday miracle. I bought it without hesitation, not to mention the extra 15% you get off for just signing up for the sites newsletter. Safe to say that this little bag is the light of my life at the moment. Enough of a back story onto the bag and its contents!

The bag is the Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini in Midnight with the stud detail on it. Its pretty much me in a bag which is probably why I love it so much. Purchasing this from Australia was slightly annoying as the shipping was a little under $30 which added on top of an already expensive bag is a little frustrating however with the 15% off it pretty much came down to the price it would have been with no shipping charges if that makes sense. I also can't give you a review on the shipping times because I bought mine so close to Christmas that there were extra delays placed on the shipping times an extra 14 days just to have it leave the wear house!  but it says 5 - 9 days once shipped which it definitely was. 

For such a small bag it really does fit a lot of stuff, and because it's so structured it makes finding things and storing things in it really easy.The quality of the bag is amazing, its a structured little leather bag with amazing interior and good quality hardware on the outside. I was a bit weary of the studs just because studs tend to just fall off things that are poorly made but this doesn't feel like that will happen. Its all around really well made which is what I would expect from a bag of this price. 

I paid $185 dollars for this bag when its original price was around $285 which is an amazing discount for a Rebecca Minkoff bag, but I have noticed that a lot of really amazing styles go on sale all the time on the website so if your after a Rebecca Minkoff bag keep your eyes peeled on that sale section because your love could very well end up there for a bargain!

Unfortunately this bag is no longer on the Rebecca Minkoff site but I've listed some other styles of the bag below on various websites!

Nude Hudson Moto Mini
Red Hudson Moto Mini
Blue Hudson Moto Mini

P.s A what's in my bag featuring this beauty is on its way soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!