Saturday, 29 March 2014

March Roundup

I have a bunch of new favourites this month as well as one old favourite. This month I've been spending way too much on beauty products, purely because there have been so many sales and so many new releases that I just couldn't resist! So onto the products

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I was super keen to try this new product from Garnier, purely because it is supposed to be a dupe for the Bioderma cleansing water which is ridiculously expensive in Australia. This to me is pretty much the same as the Bioderma minus the ridiculous price tag. It removes all my eye makeup and face makeup well enough that if I'm having a lazy day I wont even properly cleanse my face after. The fact that its fragrance free makes it really soothing on the skin and is a total winner in my books

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion

 Another Garnier product that I've been loving is this new Illuminating Lotion. It is so gorgeous on the skin, leaving you with a subtle glow it is not shiny or glittery like some other illuminating products that I own. I apply this below my foundation fave of the month see below to add some more life into my skin. Its also really nice for those no makeup days where your skin is looking a little dull and you just want a little pick me up. On the downside this is meant to be a light lotion, however it takes a little time to absorb into the skin so I wouldn't recommend it if your in a hurry. This also comes in three other types, one for dry skin, one for oily, and one for combination which is fantastic as there is one for everyone!

Nude By Nature Mineral Cover Foundation.

 I have been obsessed with this mineral foundation this month. I never fully understood how a powder could actually stick to your face and give you any form of coverage but this stuff really works!. I've been using my kabuki brush to apply it quickly over my skin and to really buff it in, and it gives me the coverage I want in a fraction of the time it would take to apply a liquid product. It also doesn't feel powdery on the skin which is something I was expecting, it feels just like skin which is exactly what I could have wanted. The only downside is that it can be a tad dull but teamed up with the garnier illuminating lotion its perfect.

Naked Palette

I've been showing my Naked palette some major love this month, in particular the Sidecar shade which I just apply over my entire lid and just blend it out. The only issue I have with some of these is that they are super shimmery, so much so that the fall out from the glitter is insane so I have to do my eyes first in order to literally re cleanse my skin from all the glitter.

Macs Heroine 

 Heroine is a re release from Mac which launched this month, it is the most gorgeous purple shade of matte lipstick that I have ever come across. Its also incredibly wearable which I didn't really expect but it looks great whether applied fully opaque or just dabbed on the lips.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer 

This is by no means a new product but it is one that I've never tried before. Its meant to be a dup for the YSL touche eclat, having not tried that product I can't really compare the two however this one is pretty good. Its really highlighting for under the eyes and to use on the high points of your face. I've been applying it with the applicator brush it comes with then blending it in with a damp sponge!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Favourite Fragrances For Autumn & Winter

 I feel like I'm a perfume junkie. I have way too many, and when I say I wont buy any more because I need to use the ones I have I end up with 4 new fragrances on my little stand without even realising. It also doesn't help that my best friend works at a fragrance shop, so with my knowledge of the new fragrances and her ability to make them 20% cheaper for me we are an unbeatable perfume buying machine. It's slowly turning into winter over here in Australia and as the seasons change so do my perfumes, so here are the perfumes that are most likely going to take me through the winter months...hopefully, I may unintentionally by new ones but who knows!


 Stella By Stella Mcartney will forever be my most favourite and most treasured fragrance. It is so feminine and so floral but in the nicest way. Its the perfume I reach for when I want to feel grown up and girly or when I'm going for a night out. The only downside of this beauty is the price, and if it wasn't so expensive I would by the largest size possible so I could bathe in it however this little 1fl.oz was $79 so I'm savouring its last few drops until I can bring myself to re purchase it.
 Notes: Rose, amber, peony, sweet mandarin


 The original Chloe fragrance holds a special place in my heart aswell, its another floral but girly scent, perfect for the day time. This is another expensive one, so like Stella I only have the smallest size. This fragrance has a whole bunch of really good memories attached to it so when I spritz it on I instantly feel happy.
Notes: Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Rose, Lily

La La Couture 

 La La couture from Juicy Couture is my most recent perfume. The best way that I can describe it is that its a fresh but warm scent. Its really lovely and is described as a fruity scent. I don't find it fruity at all, to me its more of a fresh blossom scent. Whatever it is its really lovely and really great for when you don't really want to smell like anything and just want to smell clean and fresh.
Notes: Apple, Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Lily, Red Currant.

Our Moment

The One Direction perfume Our Moment is by far the most comforting fragrance that I own. It is very vanillary and has some berry notes in there. This probably sounds really silly but this is the perfume that I wear to bed purely because it is so comforting and saw warm smelling that I just doze right off when I wear it. Plus it has the added bonus of the One Direction concert memories attached to it which is also something that comforts me.
Notes: Forrest Fruits, Pink Grapefruit, Musk

Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ebay Bag Sale

Hey Guys!
I'm selling a bunch of handbags over on my ebay site, so if you're interested have a look! I'll be adding a bunch of shoes onto there as well eventually but I'll post the link again when that happens!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

What I Eat For Breakfast, A Quick & Healthy Start To The Morning!

A bit of a different post from me today as it is a food related one. However I love seeing what people eat on a regular basis especially for breakfast. This little recipe is one that I whip up when I want something yummy and quick and also relatively healthy.

 The great thing about these oats is that they can be eaten cold or hot! If you want them hot simply add 1/3 of boiling water or hot milk instead of cold milk.

The last thing I do is boil the kettle and grab myself a cup of tea, I then get onto my laptop and check my emails or write posts! I hope this was helpful for those looking for something a little different for breakfast!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bellabox Australia: March Box Reveiw

 After having a not so pleasant experience this month with another box company *cough wantable cough* I was kind of really excited to receive my bellabox. So when my postie dropped it to my door I couldn't wait to open it, and I was not dissapointed!

So heres the list of products that I received this month, look at the value of this box! It's insane and seriously impressive. Plus the products I received are ones that I will actually use and the variety between them is fantastic. 
 I'm impressed with you this month bellabox!! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Wantable March Box Review

Be prepared for a Negative Nancy post, because this one wont be pleasant. You have been warned!
I wanted to try out the Wantable subscription box because I'd seen reviews of it that sounded amazing. I was expecting a lot to say the least especially because I paid $50 for this box. I was expecting a fast delivery service it was $10 for postage and 5 full size high end products. This is not what I received.
It took over 2 weeks for this box to arrive, I will however congratulate them on the tracking element of this postage as I was able to see where it was the entire time, however watching it sit in a sorting facility for 7 days was frustrating to say the least.  Then when it arrived and I saw it was the same size box as my Bella Boxes usually come in I was seriously disappointed. It was so small, how are 4-5 full sized products supposed to fit in a tiny box like that? Any way... onto the products.
I got three full sized and one sachet product, something I was not expecting to receive as it was stated that I would be receiving full size items. I also got a nude nail polish, a very small single eye shadow, a very pink highlighter and a dark brown/red lipstick something that has been passed onto my mum because it is a much to mature shade for me as a 21 year old. 

When you sign up for the site you take an extensive quiz and then based on your picks it send you corresponding items, I don't know where I said that i was interested in priming products or in dark lipsticks, I remember saying I was interested in bright lipsticks but this one is the furthest product from bright that I've ever seen.

If this was a Bella Box and I had only paid my $14.95 for it I would have been happy with this box however I paid $50 full hard earned dollars of my money for this box which I feel is definitely not worth it.

Another thing, they don't tell you how much each item is worth so I have no way of knowing if I got value for money or if I paid more for less.

No more negativity I just never wanted to give you guys my opinion so you can save your money!

I am thinking about trying the accessories box but we'll see if that happens!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Another Beauty Haul

Priceline had 40% off cosmetics for the past two days, and when this happens you have to take advantage purely because it doesn't come around often and 40% off is a pretty big deal. So I seriously took advantage of this promotion and went a little beauty crazy, and heres what I bought!

For the face I decided to try some new things, as well as repurchasing my everyday BB creams. I've been really keen to try mineral powder foundations and have heard great things about the nude by nature range, so I picked up one of their everyday foundation products. I also decided to try the Revlon nearly naked version because I love the liquid foundation so much. I haven't tried either of these yet but I really want to! I also got a bronzer from Bourjois, I don't remember why and I'm kind of disappointed with it because it is seriously sparkly when applied to the skin so I don't know how much wear I'll get out of it.
For the eyes I really wanted to try the Maybelline Dream Lumi touch highlighter concealer, I never have before because its usually around the $19 mark. Seeing it so much cheaper meant that I just had to buy it. I also picked up another one of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, this one is in Barely Branded a simple shimmery nude shade.
For the nails I got two of these Revlon Colour Stay polishes one in Sunburst and the other in Indigo Night. The red shade is seriously disappointing, it doesn't go on opaque at all and is almost like their Jelly formulas that they came out with a while back. The blue one however is stunning on the nails so you win some you lose some I guess!
And lastly I picked up 3 of the Color Boost Lip Crayons from Bourjois in Red Sunshine, Peach on the Beach and Fuchsia Libre. I plan to do a review of these soon so stay tuned for that!
That is everything I got in the Priceline sale, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these types of sales because they come around every few months which is great because it allows you to stock up on new products!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nuxe Rev De Miel - The Best Lip Balm Ever?

I saw this little gem in my local Priceline store and after hearing wonderful things about I decided to make a silly decision and spend $20 on a lipbalm you read that correctly, this little guy was $20... I'm going out on a limb here and saying that it is probably the best lip balm that I've used this far in my 21 years of life. Firstly it is actually a balm consistency, where most other "balms" are pretty much just a shiny thin gel that you apply over your lips. This one is actually an incredibly thick balm, with no shine what so ever. It's not one of those products that you could apply for a natural everyday shine to your lips. This stuff is the heavy duty lipbalm that you use at night when you want something thats going to repair your lips.
It also smells yummy, with a creamy lemony scent it sort of smells like lemon meringue pie to me if someone had added a little too much lemon to the mix. Its one of those products where a little goes a long way, which I love because it means your not wasting product having to slather it on to get any relief from dry lips. I've also been putting it to the time test to see how long it will last when applied. I put a liitle of this on before a 7 hour shift at work and 4 hours in it hadn't budged. By the end it had only just began to wear off, its something that you can apply before bed and when you wake up it will still have its residue on your lips leaving them seriously soft and supple.

If your in the market for a new lip balm that will really do the job I would highly recommend investing in this little guy. He definitely has a special place in my heart and on my bedside table.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Another Huge Collective Haul feat. Sportsgirl, Mimco, MAC, Asos, Windsor Smith, Bonds, & More!

I'm pretty sure that I've said that I wouldn't be shopping for a while....well I lied. I bought a whole bunch of stuff which I am now going to share with you! I'm just going to run through them quickly because there is way too much stuff to talk individually about.

Makeup & Accessories 

The full exposure palette was a major beauty purchase this month, along with the new benefit Porefessional powder which is amazing! I also picked up two new Mac lipsticks, one in creme d'nude and another in Lady Danger. I also picked up a new cleanser from the body shop which removes makeup like a dream. The last of my beauty bits were an essie nail polish and a nude eye liner.
Rings were my main accessories purchase, I got these stacked rings from Sportsgirl which were super cheap because they were on sale. I also picked up this gold ring with a black stone from Mimco which was 20% off. I've become slightly obsessed with rings at the moment so I'm stocking up!


Shoes are my weakness, I literally cannot get enough of them. The black chelsea boots are from New Look but I bought them through Asos for only $50! They are exactly what I was looking for, with a chunky rubber heel that is so easy to walk in and great for everyday wear. The leopard print slip on shoes are from Windsor Smith and were sort of a splurge item. I've been eying them off for a while and never had the guts to purchase them. I finally caved and I'm glad that I did. They add the perfect touch to a plain outfit and look great with black jeans and a simple white tee!


I went 'basics' crazy and I also bought a lot of loungewear type items. The tracksuit pants are so comfy and are from Bonds, they are the kind of pants that are acceptable to wear out of the house and can kind of be dressed up in a way. The jeans are the Hudson jeans from Topshop. I LOVE THESE JEANS. They look like boyfriend jeans but arnt as loose and baggy like some that I've tried on. They also have the ripped detailing on them, but unlike other they don't have holes which means I wont freeze my knees off in the winter time!
I bought two slouchy basic jumper top two, left and centre which are both from bonds and are super casual and comfy. I also got two knits for winter top right from Asos and  bottom left from Sportsgirl both are of the slouchy oversized kind, perfect for an Autumn day. Lastly I got this striped neoprene type t-shirt from Sportsgirl which is super pretty, something I'm planning on wearing out to a fancy dinner next week!

There is my outrageous haul of stuff that I've bought over the last month, hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Roundup

I've been sticking to the basics this month when it comes to my products but there have been a few new standouts that I've really been loving.

Joico Smooth Care Leave In Miracle Treatment & Schwarzkopf PushUp Volume Mouse 

These two products have been a saviour for my hair this month. While I try and maintain my hair as best I can by not using heat styling tools on it, it is still damaged a side effect from having bleached hair. The Joico leave in treatment leaves my ends feeling so silky smooth and pretty much erases the feeling of damage. The mouse has been something that I shake into my roots, while it doesn't give me any added volume it does work as a treatment for my hair leaving it soft and shiny.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

I've done a full review of this palette already so check that out if you want more details. However I will say that I've been reaching for this and only this palette this month. I'm also in love with the brush that it came with, its perfect for blending and packing on colour.

Miss Dior Cherie

I recieved this perfume as a late birthday present this month and I was so unsure if I was going to like it I'm not a fan of the original Miss Dior. However this one is so much lighter and has a much more fresh and floral scent. Perfect for night time, its a really sophisticated scent.

Benefits Gimme Brow

This product is amazing. So amazing in fact that it left me sort of speechless when I first tried it. I don't know how it does it but the best way I can explain it is that its a sort of a mascara for your brows. It leaves them looking fuller and more defined while still looking incredibly natural. I got the lightest of the shades and it matches me perfectly. If you haven't already, I urge you to go try this product!

Opi Black Onyx

I have been loving black nails this month, I've been wearing a lot of rings and I just feel like the black with any colour jewellery looks so elegant. This one in particular by OPI is my favourite black nail polish, one coat and its opaque plus its super long lasting even without a top coat.

Marc Jacobs Ring & Name Plate Necklace

The Marc Jacobs Little Bolt ring was another late birthday gift which I am obsessed with. It's so simply yet looks so nice on the hand. I haven't taken it off all month!. Another massive obsession of mine is my Elizabeth Name Plate necklace from  While the shipping time wasn't the best and the customer service absolutely sucked, my necklace arrived and is gorgeous.

There are my favourites for the short month of February!