Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October Roundup

I know its a common thing to say but seriously October has flown by, it still feels like June in my head!
Anyway the fact that October is almost over means two of my favourite things, CHRISTMAS is coming and it also means that my 21st birthday is on the horizon.

Enough of my rambles here are the products and other random things that I've been loving for the very quick month of October.

Makeup + Beauty Bits

Big Sexy Hair Spray

I had a major issue with a previous hairspray that I bought, and that was that it didn't work at all the spray nosel wasn't spraying any product out and then the place that I purchased it from wouldn't accept it back, anyway point of the story was that I needed a new hairspray. I'd seen Americans and even British people talk about the Big Sexy Hair hair spray but never even realised that you could buy it in Australia, so when I saw it I just bought it without hesitation. If your looking for a strong hold hair spray that will set your hair in place all day and night leaving it rock solid without any movement this is not the hair spray for you. This one has pretty much no hold in my hair but works really well for adding volume tonight and having just enough hold in it to allow my curls to fall into soft waves. I love this stuff and would definitely recommend it if your looking for something to hold a beachy wave in your hair!

Max Factor Colour Elixir in Vibrant Pink

Summer is near and that means bright lip colours. This one from Max Factor is one of the brightest that I own and seeing as it is called Vibrant Pink I would expect no different! This lip colour lasts pretty much all day and it fades so nicely unlike other lip colours that flake away leaving you with dry lips this one just melts into your lips like a balm, plus the colour pay off is amazing.

Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation

This month I have kind of gone fake tan crazy even venturing out to the ones that you apply on your face, and this has meant that all my Ivory and Porcelline foundations match my skin in no way. I've had this Loreal foundation in a shade that is much too dark for me normally lying around my makeup draw for the longest time. The reason I bought it so dark was so that I could mix it with my lighter foundations if I ever got tanned, and now that I have a tan I do just so! I mix one pump of this into whatever other foundation I feel like using and mix away until I get a colour that matches my fake tanned skin. This foundation is beautiful, it leaves me feeling and looking radiant and not in a glittery way. It has a soft glow that just looks so healthy and I'm really considering buying it in a shade that actually matches my natural skin because I love it so much!

Pink and White Polish

If you know me or have read any of my nail post you know that I have a deep appreciation for a french manicure, and this has to be one of my new favourite combinations. Its an opaque pink polish which I apply first as a base to my nails, you have to let it dry completely otherwise the nail sticker will just peel it off completely. Then I place the little manicure stickers along the tops of my nails and paint on the white, a quick swipe of top coat and some Dry & Go drips and I have a really cute manicure that looks so pretty on the nails!


Tees and Necklaces

I'm a really simply dresser, I wear a lot of plain tees over black jeans and a simple jacket with a chunky shoe of some description. However, recently I have been adding chunky necklaces to my plain tees to add a little bit of spice to an outfit, they just dress you up a little and turn a plain outfit into something a little more special

Random Things

Fish Eye Lens

I bought this little guy off ebay for around $10 dollars and it is the cutest little lens I've ever seen. It allows you to take Fish Eye photos and even wide angle shots. It's probably the most unnecessary thing I've ever bought but its a little bit of fun and thats never hurt anyone ;)

Reign + The Carrie Diaries

A new show started this month called Reign and at first I was like "boooooring another TV series about some old queen in the olden days" and boy was I mistaken. The cast is all pretty much young adults, there is love there is scandal there is scary stuff and there is beautiful clothes and jewelry which is pretty much everything that I love in a show ALSO its on the CW so if that doesn't give you some idea as to what its like then I dont know how else to describe it. 
The Carrie Diaries also returned this month with the first episode of season two having just aired and it did not disappoint, if you haven't seen season one then I would highly recommend that you watch it!

That was my October roundup! Hope you enjoyed
Elizabeth xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

October Playlist

Hello lovely people and welcome to another monthly playlist! I can finally say that  there is some new stuff in this months list and I haven't really been reliving my past with music even though there is nothing wrong with that.

So here it is!

  1. Back To You - Twin Forks
  2. Cross My Mind - Twin Forks 
  3. Something We Just Know - Twin Forks
  4. Hold Tight - Justin Bieber
  5. Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade 
  6. Even Robots Need Blankets - Mayday Parade
  7. Girls - Mayday Parade
  8. Satellite Call - Sara Bareilles
  9. Double Rainbow - Katy Perry (Couldn't find a good version!)
  10. Ghost - Katy Perry (Couldn't find a good version!)
  11. Legendary Lovers - Katy Perry (Couldn't find a good version!)
  13. Maybe You're Right - Miley Cyrus
Pandora Stations:
Look After You - The Fray Song Station
The Maine - Artist Station 
Parachute - Artist Station
Twin Forks - Artist Station

So there you have the tracks of my October!
Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for my October Roundup and a bunch of new posts coming your way soon!
Elizabeth xx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll - On Review

 I've been a fan of the original Garnier under eye roller ball thing since I first got it, but never realised that there was a BB cream version of it. When I read that it was a BB cream for under the eye I really didn't think that it would be that good at covering up dark circles purely because the whole point of a BB cream is that its sort of light weight, and I was kind of right.
 This in no way covers up dark circles, it simply dulls them slightly. It doesn't act as a conceler and instead works to reduce puffiness under the eye. The metal roller ball feels really nice on puffy eyes and does reduce that tired look that you sometimes get when you apply your makeup in the morning.
 It has sort of a pinky tone to it which is supposed to counter the blueness that you see in dark circles but it is definitely not a miracle worker. To me it just feels nice, which for something that is supposed to correct dark circles isn't that great. Overall this product just adds to my makeup routine, it doesn't remove the concealer step as I find I still have to apply concealer after I've used this. The only thing that I find unique is the cooling effect that it has. In comparison to the other roller ball from Garnier I don't really see any major differences, this one is slightly thicker in consistency but thats all.

I also don't fully understand why they've added the BB element to this product as it really doesn't eliminate all other skin care steps as it claims to.

I would only recommend this product if you get puffy eyes and want something cooling to apply, if you have serious under eye circles like myself and are looking for something to really combat them then this product is not for you!
Let me know your recommendations for dark under eye circles as I am literally always looking for ways to cover mine!
Elizabeth xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Riri Hearts Mac - Her Cocoa Palette Review & Swatches

If you don't already know by now I'm slightly obsessed with Rihanna, okay more then slightly I have a full blown girl crush on the woman. I already own two of the lipsticks from the Riri hearts Mac collection but when I saw that the Fall collection contained eye shadows I knew that I needed to buy one!
This was the lighter of the two quads on offer, the other had a lot of darker more wintery colours which seeing as here in Australia we're going into summer didn't really seem appropriate. This palette however consists of more bronzy shades which are perfect for the summer months ahead!
It has a beautiful gold colour, a creamy nude perfect as a highlight, a darker taupe colour and a shimmer brown. The thing I loved about this palette is that you can use all the colours together to create a gorgeous eye for any time of the day or for any occasion. You can use the top two for a simple every day look and then add some of the darker ones for a smokey night time look.

As far as pigmentation goes these are great, you don't need to pile them onto the brush to get colour pay off and have no fallout even though they are all shimmery shades.

This palette was $72...I know Mac here in Australia is ridiculously expensive and it hurts to think I paid that much for it however I know that I'll use every eye shadow in the quad which makes it worth it sort of

Did you get anything from the Fall Riri heats Mac collection??
Elizabeth xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

Bella Box Australia: October Box Review

Hey guys long time no see! Or post, whatever its been a long time! I'm sorry for the lack of posts over the last week I've just been super busy at work and its been taking its toll on my body I've been napping like an old lady. ease myself back into the blogging world I thought I'd show you what was in my October Bella Box!

 This months box celebrates Bella Box's second birthday, so they've collaborated with fashion bloggers They All Hate Us.
My box contains:

  1. Alfaparf semi de lino diamond shampoo and conditioner - rrp $25 & $28
  2. L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - rrp $39
  3. Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating Gel - rrp $24.95
  4. Beyonce Heat - rrp $39
  5. Jaqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer Duo (I got two of the same colour, not sure if that was supsed to happen or if it was a mistake) - rrp $17.95
I'm quiet impressed with this months box not as impressed as last month but still pretty impressed. There are some good products in here that I'd love to try and receiving nail polish is always a good thing!

Elizabeth xx
P.s I will be back to regular uploads soon I promise!

Monday, 7 October 2013

September Roundup

I know its a bit late but I'm just going to jump into my slightly delayed September favourites!
So here we go...


 I've been living in this bright red polish from covergirl this month, its the perfect summery red as it is not too vampy or dark but is a bright fire engine red. This colour is Always Reddy by Covergirl I've already done a full review of these polishes so feel free to check that out!

I've been wearing a new base this month, and it's a mix of two of my favourite foundations, the Rimmel Match Perfection and the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Seperatley these don't quiet match my skin and are either a little too matte or a little to dewy but when combined they are the perfect shade and perfect finish for my skin. Not too heavy and not too light these are just my go to base of the moment.

My fragrance for the month has been Honey Dot by Marc Jacobs, when I smelt the original Dot I liked it but I wasn't the biggest fan, when I heard that there was a Honey edition being released I was really excited, and I was not disappointed. This fragrance is such a warm smelling scent, its also quiet fresh and fruity, definitely nice for the summer time, its not overly sweet which is nice as I tend to get headaches from strong perfumes. You can see I've already used a little bit of this and I've only had it for a short while!

Its time to pack away the vampy red lips as Summer here in Australia is approaching, and my all time favourite red lip for the summer time is this one by Topshop! Its similar to the nail polish in that its a bright red. Topshops lipstick in Mischief is just one that I break out whenever I'm feeling a bit dull as it brightens up my entire face it even makes my teeth look whiter which is always a plus!

For some annoying reason my left eye has been really watery for the past few days. I didn't want to completely stop wearing mascara even though I should have because I've been going out a lot and feel like I need a little something on my lashes. I was going to wear waterproof mascara instead but find that it irritates my eyes even more so to fix this problem I've been layering my normal mascara with a waterproof one over the top. This makes much easier to remove but still means that it wont smudge around your face!

The whole brow craze has really swept me up into it and I am now obsessed with doing my brows, I've always filled them in slightly before but never really had a routine as such. This brow pencil from Mac in Fling has literally changed my life not really... but it is amazing it matches my brow hair perfectly and really defines my brows and my whole eye area. Once I've filled them in I use this Models Prefer Brow Fixer which is basically just a clear mascara which sets them in place so they don't move!


These glasses which I got from Asos are a definite fave this month as I have been wearing them non stop, I love how the gold hardware looks against blonde hair and how they look on my face. They also work really well as a sunglass headband if you know what I mean!

I have been living in these rings for the entire month, the three on the left are from Pandora and stack together really beautifully. The one with the little turquoise stone is my birth stone ring and the other two are just silver decorative bands that site either side of it. The ring on the right with the large turquoise  stone was a gift from my brother which he brought back for me from Greece. I adore this ring and wear it all the time, its a timeless piece that I think I'll be wearing for a while.

So that is my slightly delayed September favourites! Hope you enjoyed
Elizabeth xx

Friday, 4 October 2013

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag & Other Travel Bits

I'm heading off to Sydney for three days to see Rihanna and while I was packing my travel things my brother said "you should blog about this" and I realised that I should! So thankyou to my brother for encouraging me and helping me to blog! Anyway... I'm flying from Melbourne to Sydney with no carry on baggage so hopefully that puts into context what I've packed and how much I've packed!
Firstly when packing all my liquid type products such as moisturizers and hair bits I always put them into these zip lock bags which you can get from the supermarket for really cheap and they come in all different sizes. These are great because they prevent any accidents from happening when your bags is in transit. If anything is going to explode whilst on the plane these things contain the mess. I also highly recommend putting makeup wipes if your bringing any in one of these bags as the moisture tends to get sucked out of them otherwise.

Left to right: Top Row: Johnsons Face Care Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes, Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner 
Bottom Row: Batiste Dry Shampoo, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Dr Lewins Daily Moisturiser, Dr Lewins Foaming Cleanser

When it comes to traveling especially for such a short time the smaller the items the better, I find that its best to save all my mini samples of stuff for when I travel as its the perfect opportunity to use them up plus they are usually smaller sizes so they don't take up too much room! I've got the basics here, moisturizer shampoo and condition and dry shampoo as I don't feel I need to bring my entire skin care routine for 3 days away.

As far as makeup goes I'm brining as little as possible! All of it fits into my little dior case except my naked palette which is perfect as it opens up allowing you to see literally everything thats inside without having to rifle around in it searching for your eyeliner.
left to right: Naked palette, Nars Sheer Glow, Hoola, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Models Own Brow Fix, Mac Eye Brow Pencil, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Covergirl Waterproof lash Blast, Coralist, Smashbox Photo Ready Eye Primer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Anti Dark Circles, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I'm pretty much bringing my standard face, however I'm switching out my daily foundation for my Nars which has more coverage to it as i'm only planning on wearing foundation to the concert and concealer and sunscreen for the rest of the trip. I've also packed a waterproof mascara as the weather is fingers crossed going to be beautiful and we plan on hitting up the beach as much as possible while we're there! Also, after much deliberation I chose the original Naked Palette, it was a toss up between this and the second one but I just feel I use the first one so much more and so its coming with me! 

 As for brushes I've just got my standard ones, two eye brushes, my foundation brush, a blush brush and a bronzer brush and my kabuki!

And last but not least...I have to bring my RiRi Woo Lipstick!! I will be wearing this proudly to the concert and I am not ashamed of it!

So thats whats in my travel makeup bag!! Hope you enjoyed!
Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rihanna Rogue Fragrance Review & First Impressions

Sorry for all the perfume posts recently but there have been some new releases that I just couldn't pass up and really wanted to share with you. The newest addition to my perfume family is the latest creation from one of my all time favourite artists Rihanna.

I don't own any of her other fragrances but have smelt them all, for some reason I wasn't interested in any of them, this one however really caught my attention.

Firstly I love the packaging, its so edgy and different in comparison to the others, it has this rose gold writing and black lid with spikes in the bottom of the bottle, its unlike anything I've seen before in a fragrance.

Onto the important stuff...

Rogue is definitely a floral scent, however it has some fruity tones to it. It also has a slight vanillery smell which I love and a patchouli smell to it which I don't mind. In my opinion it smells kind of like Beyonce's Heat in the red bottle but thats just me. Its kind of floral but with a bit of spice. Would definitely say that its more of a night time fragrance rather then a day time one purely because of the spice that it has, if you like the spiciness during the day then go for it!

It's also very long lasting on the skin, It's one of those fragrances that you can smell on you hours after you've sprayed it which is very rare in celebrity fragrances!

Overall I'm quite impressed with this fragrance from Rihanna, I fell like this is a more mature scent for her and is something that would appeal to a lot of people!
Elizabeth xx