Thursday, 22 August 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Number 12 Forbidden Burgundy - Review & Swatches

 I have an unhealthy obsession with the YSL lipsticks, the formula, the smell and the packaging are just amazing and the colour selection is pretty amazing too. The price on the other hand is not so amazing and every time I go to buy one I cringe as I swipe my card to pay, however that feeling is instantly gone once I have my little gold tube in my hands.
 I saw this colour on Chloe Morello's instagram photo and was instantly attracted to it. Its called Forbidden Burgundy and is the prettiest deep plum colour. The reason I was so drawn to this one was that is has a slight pink tinge to it which looks really nice on the lips and stops it from looking too vampy which can happen with a lot darker lip colours. This lipstick would look amazing on all skin tones, if your super pale like me or even if you have much darker skin it would look stunning.
 These lipsticks are super creamy, almost like a very opaque balm which lasts for a decent 5-6 hours before any need of touchups. This one is also really easy to apply, unlike a lot of the dark lipsticks that I own this one I can apply without a mirror if need be even though using one is always better.
They do however have the tendency to bleed slightly around the edges just because they are so creamy so make sure that your super careful when applying them, but dont let that scare you if you take a little bit of extra time putting it on it will all be okay!

These lipsticks are defiantly worth the money even though I wouldn't mind if they were slightly cheaper