Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Viseart Sultry Muse Palette - Review

Prepare yourself for all sorts of kind words that are about to spoken about the Viseart Palette because this palette is seriously amazing.

Through my Makeup Artist course I hear about all sorts of amazing products all the time and the Viseart palettes were an item that kept popping up in conversation. Of of the girls had an all matte palette which was stunning and when she used it on me I fell in love. Browsing the web as I tend to do I found a Viseart palette on ebay for only 35 pounds...they retail for around 95$ here in Australia so this was a great deal to begin with. Then I saw a little message from Ebay saying I could get 20$ off my purchase which ofcourse I used! Long story short I paid around $30 for this palette which is an incredible deal!!

The palette itself 12 shades all of which are shimmery not glittery! theres a difference you can get all matte shades or all shimmers the mattes are next on my list! The Sultry Muse palette has a great mix of shades all of which are completely wearable, my favourites being the two coppery brass shades which look amazing against blue eyes.

The quality of these shadows is insane. They are super buttery to apply and are so pigmented that just touching the shadow leaves your finger tip stained with colour. Another thing I've noticed with the palette is that while the colours look kind of glittery in the pan it doesn't show up as chunky glitter on the eye and instead just shows up as a sort of glow which is stunning. They also work really well without a primer and last ages on the eye lid even with oily lids like I have. 

Theres always one shade in every palette that I don't get along with and in this palette its the white one. Purely because I have some kind of aversion to white shadows used anywhere on the eye. However this one is so pigmented and shimmery that it would be amazing for a night time highlight on the cheekbones as it would just give a beautiful glow to the skin.

Overall this palette has become a staple for me and for using on clients as the shadows are just so universal and easy to work with. I will definitely be investing in more of them in the future!