Saturday, 27 April 2013

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glass Reviews

Left to right: always naked, always reddy, wine stain
I've never owned a nail polish by COVERGIRL before so when I saw these in Big W I thought i'd give them a whirl and im so glad that I did!
The first colour that I chose was Wine Stain. Ive been looking for the perfect wine colour for a while and i believe that this one is it! However this one needed a few coats as it goes on a bit sheer and a tad streaky however its nothing a second coat cant fix!

Always naked is a brownish nude colour that i also adore. This polish looks so neat on the nails and even though its another sheer one after 2-3 coats its perfect.

The last colour i chose was always reddy and this one is my favourite of the bunch! after one coat its opaque and shiny, it doesn't really need a second coat but i always prefer to pop another coat on. Its the perfect bright red shade that can be worn all year round!

At three dollars a pop, (thats right...three dollars!) you cannot go wrong with the covergirl polishes. I highly recommend checking them out!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Perfumes For All Seasons!

Saying that I love perfumes is an understatement, im obsessed with them. There are always new scents being brought out and i'm such a sucker for them! However I do tend to stick to certain times of fragrances depending on the season so here is my rundown of the perfumes that I personally love depending on the time of year.


When it comes to summer scents I tend to go for the fresher fruity scents as I feel they complement the season. The first fragrance I have chosen is Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey which is about as fresh as they come. This scent is so perfect for summer with its slightly floral and aquatic smell. The second scent I have chosen is Ralph Laurens Ralph fragrance which is a slightly floral scent with a bit of spice this one is another all time favorite for Summer it just reminds me of the beach.


For autumn scents I tend to prefer the warmer type fragrances. The first one I have chosen is FCUK Friction, which smells like pure vanilla with a hint of coconut, to me this, is perfect for autumn it smells warm and cozy and I love it. The second fragrance I have chosen is Diesel Loverdose, this scent to me is indescribable and has one of those love hate smells, you’ll either obsesses over it like I do or walk straight past it. Its described as spicy scent with definite hints of licorice, I’d say just go smell it!


For some reason in winter I tend to lean towards the hard floral scents such as my first choice which is Stella McCartneys fragrance Stella, I adore this scent and to me it is utterly perfect for the winter time, with its rosy scent its incredibly feminine and perfect for night time. The second fragrance I have chosen is my all time favourite perfume, its Chloe by Chloe. To me this perfume smells like heaven, its very heavy in the floral scents but in a good way, I’m obsessed.


In the springtime I reach for my fruity florals and my lighter smelling florals because i get completely inspired by all the new flowers blooming. I feel like Marc Jacobs Daisy Eu So Fresh doesn't need any explaining as it is a common fragrance but I will say that is beautiful. My last fragrance for spring is a newly discovered scent and its Sarah Jessica Parkers Lovely, this is another strong floral scent that literally lasts on your skin all day and all night without budging!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Everyday Makeup

I try to keep things pretty simple when it comes to my everyday makeup routine. Minimal products and minimal effort means more of a sleep in for me, which is always a win. I store my everyday makeup in this Dior denim makeup bag which I’ve had for years, its filthy and covered in nail polish but it does the job!


As far as my base goes I tend to neglect primer on an everyday basis purely because I don’t own any and only have samples, so I try and save them for nights out where makeup lasting on my skin is a priority. For an everyday look I keep things to a minimum with a light foundation, minimal concelaer under my eyes, cream blush, light bronzer and a dusting of translucent powder to set things in place. While this may seem like a lot of products I am very light handed in the ways that I apply them and never go overboard with them. I've also added my highlighting powder in their but i dont tend to highlight my face on an everyday basis, only if my skin is looking a little dull!
products from left to right: elf powder brush, topshop cream blush in morning dew, elf complexion brush, natio translucent loose powder, bourjois healthy mix concealer in 51 light radiance, elf kabooki, bourjois healthy mix serum in 52 vamilla, benefit boxed powder in thrrrob, benefit boxed powder in hoola

How I Apply It:

  1. Apply 1 pump of borjois foundation to finger and apply small dots all over face, blend this out with elf powder brush, really buffing into skin
  2. Using the applicator, apply concealer to dark under eye circles and pat out with ring finger
  3. Using finger apply small amount of cream blush to apples of cheeks and blend towards temples
  4. Using kabooki brush dust small amount of translucent powder all over face
  5. Using complexion brush lightly contour cheekbones with Hoola powder 
  6. If necessary use same brush and highlight cheekbones and nose

The Eyes.

Eye makeup is my favourite part of doing my makeup every day. I tend to be more adventurous with my eye choices then anything skin related. However on a day to day basis I have a go to look that I know is complementary on my eyes and doesn’t look too “done up” for day time.

products left to right: sinful colours brush, bourjois beauty full volume mascara, mac shadow in all that glitters, mac shadow in naked lunch, maybelline eye studio gel liner in blackest black, mac paint pot in bare study, nyx eyebrow cake powder in brunette.

How I Apply It: 

  1. Prime lids with paint pot, using finger to dab all over the lid
  2. Using fluffly brush apply naked lunch shadow all over the lid up to the crease
  3. Using same brush apply all that glitters shadow in the outer corner and through the crease for definition 
  4. Using small eyeliner brush (that came with the kit) apply slight cat eye with gel liner
  5. Apply lashings of mascara to top and bottom lashes
  6. Using the brow kit slightly define brows and comb through with supplied brushes.

So there you have my everyday face! Sounds more complicated then it really is but I guarantee that i have this look down pat and can pretty much do it in 10 minutes tops! Let me know the products you use on an everyday basis in the comments!
Elizabeth xx

Whats In My Bag?

I'm pretty sure that the first video I ever watched on you-tube was a 'Whats in my Bag?' from Fleur de Force which led me onto questioning my life and why I was watching someone empty the contents of their bag on camera, however 2 hours later, and countless 'Whats in my Bag?' videos later I realised I was kind of obsessed with seeing what other people carry around with them all day. So I decided that my first real post would pay homage to the first posts and videos I ever saw.

The Bag.

The bag itself is the infamous eBay 'Focco' bag that many bloggers seem to have. Im fully aware that I will probably never own a real Wang so this is the closest I will get to one. Let me just say that i love it. Its basically a deep pit in which I store all my junk, or should I say necessary items that I can guarantee I will need during my day (keep telling yourself that Elizabeth). Its a sturdy bag that has lasted me nearly a year, and is the only bag in my collection that has lasted this long on my arm (I tend to get sick of them really fast and switch them out but not this bad boy).

The Contents.

1. The Bag
2. Mimco Wallet
3. Mimco Pouch - for carrying around my train card and concession card and lipbalm and a hair tie!
4. My Phone - just an iPhone 4s which currently has a Marc Jacobs Mini Alphabet case on it
5. Kindle - for long train trips
6. Headphones
7. iPod Touch - I prefer having my music on an iPod not on my phone, that way I dont waste my phone batteries!
8. iPod Video - one iPod isnt enough! *sarcasm* i have a lot of music
9. Mini travel mirror - for touch ups on the go!
10. Perfume samples! - always handy and means i dont have to carry around a huge bottle of perfume
11. Aviator sunglasses - these are from ASOS, but I always have a pair on me just incase of some sunshine
12. A pen  - just incase I need to write something down

So there you go! The contents of my bag, let me know what you guys carry around with you, i'd love to know!
Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I feel like I need to insert some kind of Myspace about me questionnaire in this because it seems like the  easiest way to convey information about myself however I will refrain because the thought of my Myspace days make me cringe...
Moving on...My name is Elizabeth and i'm 20 years old living in Melbourne, and after countless years of watching and reading blogs and youtube videos I decided to delve into the world of beauty and fashion myself.
I just dropped out of my university course (social work graduation day for you) and have a ton of spare time on my hands and what better way to fill it then by talking and discussing things that I love with the world.
Im hoping to post 2-3 times a week maybe more depending on the amount of time it takes to compose a post but hopefully I can get into a routine and have frequent posts coming your way every week.
Thats all for me now!
Elizabeth xx