Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Roundup

I still feel like its March, even when I went to type the title of this post I wrote March Roundup, looked at it for a while trying to figure out what was wrong and then finally realised we are not in fact in March but well and truly through April. It has seriously just flown by! Enough about how I can't keep track of months and onto my favourites.

Mac Sable

Sable is a new purchase for me. Its a medium warm brown with a subtle sheen to it, its not shimmery or glittery which I love its more a frost finish. I've been using this on a tapered blending brush along the lash line as a sort of smudged out liner. Its super pretty and super creamy which is another plus for this shadow. If your just starting out with Mac eyeshadows, sable is one that looks great on its own all over the lid or blended in the outter corner over a lighter shade or as a liner, its pretty much an all purpose shadow which I love!

Eco Tools Brushes

I don't think I've mentioned this before but I'm actually starting a makeup degree in August. I've been doing my close friends makeup before we go out of for occasions for years but recently I've been having people from work or friends of friends asking me if I could do their makeup! On my friends, I just use my own brushes that I just spot clean, purely because we share everything anyway and I didn't even really think about it. When it came to doing peoples makeup that I didn't really know I felt like I needed to invest in a few brushes I'll be buying an entire new brush roll for the degree so theres no point getting too many now that I could use on other people (and properly wash and clean between uses) until I get my new set. The Eco Tools brushes are ones that I'd heard heaps of great things about, plus they were 25% off when I went to purchase them. These brushes are amazing, so much so that I repurchased the ones I bought to use on others so I could have some for myself. They are so soft and work so well at blending colours on the lid. I'm super impressed with these and considering the price tag I feel like they are a complete bargain.

YSL - Forbidden Burgundy 

The weather is slowly starting to get colder which means I'm breaking out the bold lip colours again. However I'm not going full on dark yet as its probably not wintery enough for full blown deep plum lips. The YSL lipstick in Forbidden Burgundy is a perfect example of how a really dark lip colour can be used by just dabbing it onto the lips and not applying it as you usually would. When applied lightly its a gorgeous sheer burgundy colour, adding slight colour to the lips and being super wearable for the day time. This lip colour is an all around favourite for me when applied in any way its just so creamy and moisturising. 

Watch - The Horse

I got a new watch this month don't worry I'm not neglecting my Marc Jacobs one. This new addition is more manly and much larger then any watch I've owned, ever since seeing Claire Marshall or Hey Claire on youtube wear an oversize watch I've been lusting after one. I wanted something that wasn't chunky around the wrist but had a large face instead and when I saw this beauty from The Horse last month I knew I had to have it. It looks so nice with chunky knits or simply with a plain white tshirt as a bold accessory. I'm in love!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ebay Selling - Tips & Tricks

My name is Elizabeth and I am a hoarder of material possessions. Okay, I wouldn't go that far but I seriously have acquired a lot of stuff in my 21 years which is now starting to overcrowd my tiny little room. My friends had all suggested that I sell the good stuff on eBay and see if I could make a little money seeing as I'd spent so much on it all in the first place may as well get some of it back. 

When they said to sell it I thought it would be a lot of effort for little to no reward, I also thought it was going to cost me more money then I would be making but I was so wrong! It isn't hard at all, in fact it's probably very similar to running this blog actually, you just need photos and small descriptions to accompany your photos. It also is completely free to do, Ebay does take a small percentage of whatever you sell but it is a very small amount.

So far i've made nearly $500 selling shoes and bags and even some clothes that I've either worn once, or not at all. Some stuff even still had tags on them which is a sign that I buy too much stuff.

Here are 5 tips that I've learnt on selling things on ebay! :

1. Make sure your items are well photographed!

People want to be able to see exactly what they are buying, they don't want to pay for something only to receive something that didn't look anything like the picture. Use natural lighting if you can so they can see the exact colours and if you can't make sure that you say what the colours are in the description. 
For Example...

2. Use they fixed price option!

So far I've sold the most stuff through the fixed price option. Selling things via auction can be time consuming and can also mean that you won't get the price that you want. When you set a fixed price people can send you offers or a price that they are willing to pay based on the price that you've set. Its really handy and much quicker then sending things to auction

3. Be prepared to get to know your post office really well!

My post office workers and I know each other very well. I'm in there every couple of days buying postage boxes and sending things out, its pretty cute actually that they now know me as the eBay girl and get excited when I buy a large postal bag because they can tell I've sold something big! This however is the one downside to this selling process. In order to keep your customers satisfied you need to post things within at least 2 days of receiving their payment, depending on how much you're selling which for my was over 40 items it can mean constant trips to the post office which can become slightly annoying. However it is worth it in the end when you see your Paypal balance increasing as you send things off to new homes!

4. Write clear descriptions!

If you are unable to take clear photos I just use my Iphone and the photos turn out really well!  make sure your descriptions are well worded and very specific. If there is a slight stain or mark on something WRITE THAT. Don't trick people into buying your things it isn't nice! You'll be surprised what people will buy if you set a reasonable price and are honest with them. So a big tip is to use that description to your advantage!

For example the description I wrote for this dress was:

Finders Keepers blush pink and white studded dress. Brand new with tags still attached, never worn. Zip fastening down the back of the dress. Comes to just above the knee. 

5. Get a Paypal Account!

Having a Paypal has made things so much easier. You can just link your payments up to your account which is also much safer then just using your bank details. It also means that you can get insurance on your purchases which in turn makes your buyers feel more secure. Paypal just makes things much smoother and much easier when selling and even buying things on ebay!

I hope this helps you on your selling journeys with ebay!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

La Roche - Posay Melt - In BB Cream Review & Photos

BB Creams arn't the newest of products but I feel like there are so many not so great ones on the market, which makes me keen to try as many as possible until I find a good one. The concept of a BB cream is one that I tend to gravitate towards, they're supposed to even the skin, moisturise and also hide pigmentation. Previous ones that I've tried just leave a sticky orange film over my entire face, not pleasant whatsoever. 

La Roche - Posay is a brand that I adore. While it might be on the slightly more expensive side, their products are the epitome of no fuss and no irritation while still being able to maintain that luxurious feeling. When I saw that they were bringing out their own version of the BB cream I picked it up with no hesitation.

On the box it says that it covers blemishes, fine lines, brown spots while hydrating the skin. Like most of their products this BB is fragrance free, paraben free, non comodogenic and hypoallergenic, which is lovely to hear for a product that I'm hoping to be using on my skin every day.
The consistency of this BB cream is quiet light, but still feels like your applying something a little heavier then just a moisturiser. Coverage wise it really does even the skin tone and leave you with a pretty flawless base. It doesn't however cover blemishes that well, while it remove redness from blemishes they are still pretty noticeable which was something that I was expecting. However this doesn't bother me at all because popping a bit of concelear on top is no issue for me.

BB Cream on its own

These are photos of the BB cream on my skin with no powder or any other makeup on my skin. As you can see its a really great match for my skin tone which is a first as BB creams never ever ever match my skin. I thought it was going to be slightly too dark for my but after applying it to the skin it blends in beautifully.

Like all BB creams that I've tried it doesn't really "dry" instead it left my skin with a dewy finish, but not in a bad way. Instead of being shiny on the skin it just looks really glowy and healthy on the skin.

BB Cream with the rest of my makeup

 As a base product it works really well. I just applied a bit of powder over the top just to remove a bit of the shine purely because I'm not a fan of a really dewy skin. I also chucked on some bronzer and blush just to finish off my face and I have to say I really like it.

It works really well as a "no makeup makeup" look as you can barely see it on the skin. It just enhances the skin and makes it look really healthy and glowy.

 Overall I really like this BB cream, it doesn't have the greatest coverage but for me it has enough!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A New Watch - The Horse

Late in march I pre ordered a new watch from a company called The Horse it arrived this month but I technically bought it in march so it doesn't count in my spending ban! . They make beautifully simple watches and other accessories for both women and men all of which I am in love with. The watch I chose is a black strap with a gold frame and white face.

It came a cute little brown box in a draw string bag, and when I opened it up I knew that I'd have this watch for a long time. The strap is Italian leather which means it will age over time, something that I love about authentic leather so I'm excited to have this in my little watch family.

 Worn with Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Enamel Disk Bracelet
 Bird ring from Colette Australia

I adore the masculinity of this watch and how it looks on my wrist, if you're in the market for a new time piece definitely check out The Horse  they have a whole bunch of different colour combinations so I'm sure you'll find your perfect match!

Friday, 18 April 2014

April Spending Ban

There have been a few different sort of posts here on imma go shop now this month and the main reason for that is because I have put myself on a strict no spend for the entire month of April. Now before you think I'm loosing the plot hear me out theres a good reason for it I promise...

If you go back through my posts there are so many hauls, whether that be beauty hauls of clothing and accessories ones. My spending was getting ridiculous, plus I have way too many products that I need to start using up before I purchase more! Sounds simple? It's really not....

Browsing the online stores is like a morning routine for me, I'm constantly bookmarking things or making huge wish lists on ASOS so not being able to do that when I'm sipping on my morning green tea has been really hard. This might sound seriously dramatic but this really has been hard and I'm only just half way through the month!

This also probably sounds ridiculous but as a treat to myself when I'm finished the month this being that I haven't spent any money whatsoever on material things during the month I am going to invest in a new bag...I'm not going to say which bag it is in case I can't find one here in Australia or I can't get the size I want, but I will say that its a Michael Kors bag....SO get excited for a potential new member of the I.G.S.N bag family coming soon!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

bellabox Australia: March Unboxing

It's time for another monthly bellabox unboxing! This months box is based around Autumn & Winter style, something that made me a little excited, however i'm not really sure if the products reflect that. 
 When I saw the little card sitting on top of the tissue paper I immediately thought that there would be a makeup item in there, a smokey shadow or some lip product? Sadly there was no eye shadow, there was however the worlds strangest mascara and a lip balm.

This is everything that I received out of all the packaging....slightly underwhelming isn't it? The full size product it the lip balm, but its clear and smells so strongly of mint. I'm also not the biggest fan of burts bees but thats just me. The avon mascara is one that I attempted to use this morning, I failed miserably and got it all over my eye lids. The other products I haven't really looked at. I feel like every month I get excited for the box to arrive and I'm slightly underwhelmed...lets see what next month brings!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hair Care Routine

When it comes to low maintenance I feel like I'm an advocate for the lesser the better. I'm hopeless when It comes to maintaining any sort of routine, I'll stick to it for 4 days then completely forget about it. So when it comes to things that need a routine I have to make it easy and simple, and the simplest routine that I have has got to be my hair care one!

This routine starts in the shower with the Wella Pro Serioes Repair and Moisture shampoo and conditioner, together these work miracles on my hair, leaving it easy to manage and super soft. If I need an extra moisture boost I'll use the Give Me Moisture conditioner which is a holy grail product in my hair care routine. If your hair is really dry give this a go, it seriously changed my hairs life!

Once out of the shower I spritz in some heat protection mist, even if I'm not blow-drying or using heat it just leaves it even more moisturised plus it smells nice! I then pump in one hand full of the smoothing detangler which just makes brushing through my hair so much easier. Both of these products are from Toni&Guy which are super affordable. 

Lastly I apply the only thing that matters in my routine at all. If I had to get rid of all my hair products and only keep one this would be the one i'd keep. The Aveda Dry Remedy daily moisturizing oil is the most amazing product ever. It literally removes and dryness from your hair but doesn't leave it feeling oily like other hair oils (morrocan oil is another that I've tried and it leaves your ends feeling greasy, the reason being that its silicon based so it sits on top of the hair instead of absorbing in, this Aveda one really absorbs in). I put 4-7 drops into the ends of my hair, whatevers left on my hands after that I massage it through the rest of my hair, which was something I was worried about purely because its an oil, but It doesn't leave anything feeling oily! Then I just chuck my wet hair into a bun or a braid and I'm done!

That was my hair care routine, what are your holy grail hair care items?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

How I Remove My Makeup - Nighttime

After a long day of wearing makeup the last thing I want to do is faff around with a million different products in order to remove whatever has made its way onto my skin during the day. Keeping all this in mind I feel like I've found the ultimate makeup remover, one that doesn't require any effort!
 The first thing I do when I know I'm going to be removing my makeup is chuck on my pyjamas. These adorable little guys are from Peter Alexander and are the cutest thing I own. I then throw my hair up into some sort of a top knot, I'm not fussed how it looks whatsoever I simply want to get my hair out of my face.
 I then grab the makeup remover in question. The Body Shops Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is the nicest cleanser that I've ever used. Its the only cleaner that I've ever used that doesn't strip all the moisture out of my skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Instead it leaves it feeling moisturised and nourished which is exactly what I was looking for in a cleanser.
 I simply take a little scoop of the butter and dot it all over my face. Making sure that my face is completely dry. So simple...
 I then using dry hands, this is very important massage the butter into my skin. It turns from being that whipped consistency into an oil which feels amazing on the skin. Its also amazing for removing eye makeup as it doesn't sting whatsoever. I have gotten more of this in my eyes then I probably have on my face not really but it feels like it and the only thing that happens is that it makes your eyes a little foggy but there is no sting at all! It does leave you with a racoon/panda eye look which is always gorgeous, but its for a good result!
 I then take whatever flannel cloth that I can find in my bathroom, this one here is a Tan Go mitt which is usually made for removing tan from your body which it does amazingly by the way but it works really well on the face at removing the cleanser and the makeup.
And then your left with a makeup free super soft feeling face! The great thing about this cleanser is that if you be bothered to follow up with a full on skin care you don't really need to! It has enough moisture in it to act as a moisturiser for those lazy nights when you just want your makeup gone from your face!

Monday, 7 April 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

Lipsticks is something that I seem to collect. No matter how many I have I always feel like there are new shades or new formulas that I need to have. When it comes to lipsticks no one does it quiet like MAC does. They have so many different formulas and colours to choose from, plus they always are always bringing out limited edition ones as part of there new collections. Over the years I have built up quite the MAC lipstick collection, one which I thought i'd share with you.

Creme D'nude - Cream Sheen 

Creme D'nude is my go to nude shade, however it can be a little "concelear lips" so a gloss of some kind over the top is always a must.

Cream Cup - Cream Sheen

Cream Cup is a perfect pink shade, its slightly pinker then my lips so it makes for a really pretty day time lip shade.

Pure Zen - Cream Sheen

Pure Zen is an orangey nude shade, it has the prettiest golden shimmer to it and looks amazing with a tan.

Pleasure Bomb - Matte, Limited Edition RiRi Hearts Mac Collection

Pleasure Bomb is a gorgeous dark pink shade, the formula makes it a little tricky to work with however it is a really beautiful colour

Morange - Amplified

Morange is a bright orange and is one of my most used shades. It looks amazing on the lips, seriously bright and awesome in the summer time. It adds a little something different an outfit which I love.

Lady Danger - Matte

Lady danger is a bright orange/red. Its another one of my favourites as it just brightens your complexion. It also lasts ages on the lips which is great for nights out.

Viva Glam Rihanna - Frost

Viva Glam Rihanna is a blue toned red. Its also my least favourite lipstick that I own, purely because it brings out the redness in my cheeks to the point that I feel embarrassed. I'm also not a fan of the frost finish as it is way to shiny for my liking, however I really do like the colour on other people so don't be put off by it, try it on and see how you go.

RiRi Woo - Retro Matte, Limited Edition RiRi Hearts Mac Collection

RiRi Woo was my go to shade of red a while back its now been replaced by lady danger. I love this shade its seriously a classic true red, however the downside of this one is that the retro matte formula is so hard to work with. It is super drying and super flaky on the lips which makes it a hassle. However the colour of it is too nice to not use.

Heaux - Retro Matte, Limited Edition RiRi Hearts Mac Collection

Heaux is like a dark berry red colour, a perfect shad for winter. Again the formula is a tad tricky to work with but the longevity and the colour pay off is awesome.

Heavenly Hybrid - Lustre

Heavenly Hyrbid is my newest addition my MAC lipstick collection. Its an amazing sheer purple shade that looks great as an everyday colour. It will be perfect for the upcoming colder months as it adds a really nice purpley sheen to the lips.

Heroine - Matte

Heroine is that one colour that I own which terrifies me. As much as I adore the deep purple shade its just so bright and so purple that the thought of wearing it kind of scares me. The minute I come up with an eye look to wear with this shade I will try and sport it all winter!

That was my MAC lipstick collection! Whats your favourite MAC product?