Friday, 19 July 2013

NYX Boheme Chic Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review!

After buying both of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes I truly believed that I would never need any other eye shadow palettes in my life. However after realizing that I was only using the matte colours from both Naked Palettes and seeing how flattering matte colours are on any eye colour I decided to pick up an all matte palette. 

 The one I chose is from NYX and I bought it off crush cosmetics and has 18 pure matte shadows and 6 sort of shimmery shadows. It also has two completely matte blush colours. The reason that I chose this palette in particular is because I saw myself being able to use every single one of the colours. There all neutral warm toned colours, there are no crazy brights thrown into the mix that no one ever uses. It just seemed like a very versatile palette. 

I must admit I made a great purchase. As far as the colours go I can safely say that I have used every single one of the 18 eye shadows on the top part of the palette. I've used them for day and night looks and even as contour colours on my cheeks.  The pigmentation on these shadows aren't the best that i've ever come across but for the price and for the quality of the colours it doesn't bother me. They are a little on the powdery side, which means I have to remember to tap off my brush before I apply them or there is slight fallout from the shadows, again this doesn't really bother me. 

 The bottom half of the palette has the lesser used shadows, the one on the top right however is the most stunning and most flattering colour that I own. Its like a dark coppery brown with a slight sheen to it. This colour is probably my favourite out of the entire bunch which is a bit silly seeing as it isn't even matte, I just can't get enough. I also really love the lighter orange blush, its the perfect blush for my skin tone and looks so natural on the cheeks as it is completely matte. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette, especially to those who are just starting out with makeup as it is really easy to create eye looks with any of these colours.
If you don't mind the slightly powdery formula of the shadows then this palette is a great addition to any makeup collection.

Let me know your favourite matte shadows as I fell like i'm becoming slightly obsessed with them. 

Elizabeth xx