Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mimco Pouches Small and Medium Sized Review & Pictures

Mimco is an Australian higher end brand that makes all kinds of accessories, mostly bags and wallets.
My favourite items from their collections are these 'pouches' that come in 2 different sizes and a bunch of different colours. Each season Mimco bring out different colours and patterns but they also have their 'Mimco Loves' line which you can buy all year round. I own three of these pouches currently and thought i'd do a little review on them as they are kind of expensive and I thought it might help people who are interested in purchasing them but don't know if they want to spend the money on them.

Medium Leather Pouch

The medium sized pouch is my latest addition to my little Mimco family. The reason that I wanted to get the bigger size was to use when I'm going out and I want to drive my keys don't really fit in the smaller sized pouch. Its made of black leather and has a rose gold button on the front which I love.
The medium pouch is a great little clutch bag, perfect for those more fancy nights out where you want to pack a few extra things on your way out. The larger size pouches have a little zip compartment inside which is perfect for putting cash and your cards in. They also have a little arm strap making it easier to carry around. 
The medium pouches can seriously fit a whole bunch of stuff, much more then I've shown here and are a great little investment piece if your looking for something that will last you a long time and will never go out of style. 
The medium pouch retails for $99.95

Small Leather Pouch

The small leather pouches are great little accessories for on the go. I currently own two of them in very different colours, one a more summery colour and another in a more neutral wintery colour.
This taupe coloured one is perfect for nights out where you only want to bring a few things like your phone, a lipstick, money and your cards. The smaller size fit perfectly in your hand are super easy to carry around, much easier then having to bring a small bag or a clutch that you have to worry about on your arm. I feel a lot safer carrying these little pouches around because I know where they are at all times.
The smaller size definitely don't fit as much as the larger ones but are still a perfect size for carrying all your necessities around. 

The taupe pouch retails for $69.95 but I purchased mine on sale for $45

This neon yellow pouch is the first one I ever bought. I originally bought it in the Christmas sales because it was so much cheaper then the others, probably because it was such a bright colour. I absolutely adore this pouch. It came with me on my New Years vacation and has seen it all, its been to the beach, its been filled with sand, its been dropped on the road, its been stepped on, its dealt with extreme heat and is still going strong. As you can see the leather on this one has definitely softened in comparison to the others and has gone kind of wrinkly, but I don't mind it at all. This pouch has now been retired from crazy nights out and I now use it to hold all my everyday necessities. It doesn't leave my handbag! I keep tissues, hand wipes, hand cream, bandaids, pain killers, throat lozenges, a mirror and a little perfume (I also keep feminine products in here but didn't feel it necessary to show you!) and it all fits with room to spare. 
This just goes to show how much you can actually fit into these pouches if you really try, the only reason I don't try and squeeze this much into them when I'm going out is because i'm scared that things might fall out when I'm trying to pull other things out.

This pouch also retails for $69.95 but like I said I got this one in the Christmas sales for only $34.95

Overall I think these pouches are a great thing to have in your bag/wallet collection. I know a lot of people who use the small pouches as their everyday wallets instead of carrying a big bulky wallet around. They are incredibly durable and are really well made, from the lining to the zip and even the button on the front is very high quality. 

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future when they release more colours and fabrics!

Elizabeth xx