Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Playlist (Music Roundup: July)

I've decided to do something different with my Music Roundups from now on, instead of posting entire albums and reviews on each I'll just post a list of my July music with links to each song (if I can find them) sort of like a playlist. These songs are in no particular order they're just written down as I remember them, they also might not be the greatest list of songs they'll just be the most recent favourites that I have. I'll also list the Pandora stations I've been listening to seeing as that's where I get most of my music inspiration from.

So here is the July Playlist:

  1. Only Love - Ben Howard
  2. Under the Same Sun - Ben Howard
  3. Broken - Jake Bugg
  4. Bookends - Adam Agin
  5. Iris (July 4th Live in Buffalo 2004) - Goo Goo Dolls
  6. Save My Heart - Jason Reeves
  7. Riptide - Vance Joy
  8. I Hate You, Don't Leave Me - Demi Lovato
  9. Incase - Demi Lovato (no link, each one wasn't her)
  10. I Can't Make You Love Me/ Nick Of Time - Bon Iver
  11. Part 2 On The Run Feat Beyonce - Jay Z
  12. Stuck On Stupid - Chris Brown
  13. Party Hard/ Cadilac - Chris Brown
  14. All Comes Down - Kodaline
Pandora Stations
I Can't Make You Love Me  - Bon Iver Song Station
Matt Corby Radio
Fink Radio

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monthly Roundup: July

I didn't post a monthly favourites for June because I pretty much used all the same products from May and nothing really changed. However this month I have a bunch of new stuff that I have been in love with! There are a few random ones in here this month but I'm a fan of the random favourites, so here goes!

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

 I've been a massive fan of Sea Salt Sprays for the longest time, they're the easiest way to create texture and volume in your hair. This one is my current favourite and its by Toni&Guy. It has a really nice smell that tends to linger in the hair, it also doesn't leave the hair feeling stiff and crunchy like some sea salt sprays do. The reason that I love this one in particular is that it holds a curl unlike some others, I spritz this into my hair after I've curled (even after I've straightened it) and it just leaves the hair feeling bouncy and textured which I love.

Jimmy Choo FLASH & Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted

My fragrance choices for this month have been Flash by Jimmy and Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck Enchanted. I'm horrible at describing scents but I will say that these are both more of a night time scent that I adore.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer 

This concealer has changed my life okay that might be a little dramatic, but it really has improved the appearance of my under eye circles. I've done a full review of this before so check that out if you would like to see my full thoughts on this!

Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover

 I go through nail polish remover like there is no tomorrow, so when it comes to buying it I don't want to spend too much money on it. This one by Cutex does the job quickly and efficiently and seeing as i've been changing my nail colour every other day I've really begun to appreciate this polish remover. I'm not too sure if it actually does strengthen the nail but who cares it removes the polish and thats all that matters.

Mini Pegs

 This is a random one but this month I've been using mini pegs for everything. Hanging up photos? Mini Peg it. Need to bookmark a page? Mini Peg it. Need to use a staple? Don't! Mini Peg it instead.  Clearly I have a problem but you get the idea. These little things not only look good they actually are quite helpful, I got mine from Typo for not very much money and I use them all the time.


 Even though its winter here in Melbourne there has been some serious sun in the last few weeks. When i'm driving I need something to stop the glare from the sunshine and these are the glasses i've been reaching for. I got these from ASOS a few years ago but the style is a classic and i'm sure they'd have something similar on the site.

Strappy Heels

 I never thought that I'd say this, but this month prepare yourselves...I've ditched the platform heels! Shock Horror!. I never ever like ever believed that I would be sporting a skinny heel strappy sandal instead of my stupidly high platform wedge stripper shoe contraptions but I think i've grown up. Ive worn these with pretty much everything, skirts. jeans, dresses and every time they just look so darn classy. These are my all time favourite for the month, and if you were like me and are unsure about them just try a pair on you'll be surprised.


This app has been a definite favorite for this month, its what I use to follow all my blogs and I also find it super helpful when it comes to finding recipes and food ideas! Have a look at this one its a really great app that comes in handy!

Those are my favourites for the month of July, let me know what yours have been!
Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Review & Swatches

 The Maybelline Color Whispers have just hit the stores here in Australia, now these are something that I haven't really heard too much about so I really had no idea what I was expecting from them. I will say that they are a very light tinted balm, they are definitely not a lipstick even though they may look like them. They're more like Maybellines answer to the Revlon lip butter but with a bit less colour pay off. They have a nice scent, it's nothing special but it's not overpowering and offensive. These Color Whispers don't have the most amazing lasting power on the lips as then tend to melt away after a short while but they are definitely noticeable when applied.
The colour selection wasn't the greatest, a lot of really bright shades which I'm assuming is for the American Summer which is when they were released. However they all look like completely wearable shades. I only picked up two of them seeing as they were $15.98 and I wasn't too sure if I'd like them!
The first color I chose was the first one my eyes were drawn to, and that's the lilac one. It's number 90 Oh La Lilac and it's a very sheer purple colour that could pretty much be mistaken for a pink. It's really creamy and definitely more like a sheer balm then anything else.
The second colour that I chose was a bright pink shade, it's number 60 Petal Rebel and has a little bit more colour pay off then the lilac one however its not much more. This one is also very creamy and seems to have more shimmer in it then the lilac one
Left to right: Oh La Lilac, Petal Rebel 

Overall I don't know if I'd spend the $15 bucks on these again, I'm happy to have tried them but basically it's just a fancy tinted lip balm and if I wanted to spend a ton of money on one I'd buy the entire Korres Lipbalm collection.

Let me know if you've tried these and how you feel about them! 
Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Britney Spears Island Fantasy - Review!

I've always been a major fan of the Britney Spears fragrances and when I heard that they were releasing an 'island' version of my beloved fantasy scent I was really excited. 
Its definitely the freshest and fruitiest of the Britney Spears bunch, with a very citrusy smell its quite refreshing. 
The downside to this fragrance (and to pretty much all of the Britney Spears fragrances) is that it doesn't last long on the skin at all. It goes on so strongly probably a little too strongly but then it disappears within the hour. You don't even get the slight whiff of it on your skin throughout the day which is something that I love with perfumes. I love spritzing on a fragrance in the morning then being able to smell it as the day goes on which is definitely not something you get with this perfume. 
Overall I'm slightly disappointed with this one because it doesn't last, if it did it would be the perfect summer scent.

Let me know what you guys think of this perfume!
Elizabeth xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

NYX Boheme Chic Matte Eye Shadow Palette Review!

After buying both of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes I truly believed that I would never need any other eye shadow palettes in my life. However after realizing that I was only using the matte colours from both Naked Palettes and seeing how flattering matte colours are on any eye colour I decided to pick up an all matte palette. 

 The one I chose is from NYX and I bought it off crush cosmetics and has 18 pure matte shadows and 6 sort of shimmery shadows. It also has two completely matte blush colours. The reason that I chose this palette in particular is because I saw myself being able to use every single one of the colours. There all neutral warm toned colours, there are no crazy brights thrown into the mix that no one ever uses. It just seemed like a very versatile palette. 

I must admit I made a great purchase. As far as the colours go I can safely say that I have used every single one of the 18 eye shadows on the top part of the palette. I've used them for day and night looks and even as contour colours on my cheeks.  The pigmentation on these shadows aren't the best that i've ever come across but for the price and for the quality of the colours it doesn't bother me. They are a little on the powdery side, which means I have to remember to tap off my brush before I apply them or there is slight fallout from the shadows, again this doesn't really bother me. 

 The bottom half of the palette has the lesser used shadows, the one on the top right however is the most stunning and most flattering colour that I own. Its like a dark coppery brown with a slight sheen to it. This colour is probably my favourite out of the entire bunch which is a bit silly seeing as it isn't even matte, I just can't get enough. I also really love the lighter orange blush, its the perfect blush for my skin tone and looks so natural on the cheeks as it is completely matte. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette, especially to those who are just starting out with makeup as it is really easy to create eye looks with any of these colours.
If you don't mind the slightly powdery formula of the shadows then this palette is a great addition to any makeup collection.

Let me know your favourite matte shadows as I fell like i'm becoming slightly obsessed with them. 

Elizabeth xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles - First Impressions & Review

 After putting it off for ages I finally caved in and bought this product. The reason I have never wanted to buy it is because of the's $18 yes you read that correctly. For a Maybelline product I was not willing so spend that much on something that I wasn't sure was going to work for me. After reading literally tonnes of amazing reviews on this product I figured that hopefully it would be worth the price. And oh boy were the reviews right.

This product is targeted at under eye circles which if you haven't noticed I have a problem with. I wasn't too interested in the claim for "age rewinding" as i'm not that old, however its better to start preventing all that nastiness now right?

The applicator is the strangest little thing i've ever seen, its like a furry ball on the end of the cancealer that when you wind up squeezes product through the little brush thing. Its incredibly soft and smooth when applying, it also helps with blending the product out and is really easy to control when it comes to dispensing product. For those who are scarred of bacteria build up, I honestly don't see why this might be a problem as I wouldn't use it on any blemishes or pimples or anything like that because I don't think it would have enough coverage, so I wouldn't worry about any nastiness building up on the applicator.

The coverage of this is amazing for under eye circles. Its literally like wiping them away when the product glides on underneath your eyes. You also don't need much of the product as it has enough coverage and colour correcting abilities in just one swipe. As far as creasing goes, I've worn this product for over 8 hours and haven't noticed any creasing in the slightest.

I would highly recommend this product to those who suffer from under eye circles like I do, also to any Australians out there who are reluctant to purchase this because of the price, I would say go for it and pay the money because it it definitely worth the pennies spent on it!

If you have any other concealers for under eyes let me know as I'm always looking for new ones to try out!

Elizabeth xx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

I Need Your Help + Recommendations!

A quick little post today but an important one! I need your recommendations for a few products that I'm lacking in my life, and what better way to try new things then to get your recommendations. I would love to hear what you guys are loving for each category!

I am seriously lacking in a good concealer, I'm looking for one that covers under eye circles coz no one wants to see that. It doesn't have to cover blemishes or rednesses because I rarely get those so anything that can cover under eye bags would be amazing!

Face Wash
Every time I go into the drugstore I ask the ladies that work there for recommendations and every single one they have recommended have sucked. Im looking for something that can remove my makeup and is for normal skin!

Face Primer
Its about time that I started using a primer under my makeup as I am seriously lazy when it comes to face primers. I'm not looking to spend a tonne of money on it so the cheaper the better!

Makeup That Doesn't Flash Back
Lastly...whenever I take photos my face looks like a ghost. No matter what I do even when I use all non SPF products this still happens so if anyone can help with any makeup products to stop this from happening that would be greatly appreciated!

Thankyou so much and I am looking forward to your recommendations!

Elizabeth xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rimmel APOCALIPS Lip Lacquers Review & Swatches

After seeing these lip lacquers floating around the British beauty blogs for months and not being able to get them anywhere, (as they were not released in Australia yet) I am so excited to finally have gotten my hands on some of them!

I found mine in Priceline for $7.49 each which I thought was a pretty good price, however after going back to buy more I found that the price had increased to $15.90...they had doubled in price. Fuming I took one to the counter to ask what had happened and the lady kindly informed me that when I had first purchased them they were at an introductory price and had since increased to the final sale price....I had no idea what any of that meant so I didn't purchase any more.

I would like to say that these are incredible. Out of the four colours that I got Nude Eclipse, Nova, Apocaliptic and Stellar not one has a better colour pay off then the other or has a longer lasting power. Every single one has incredible pigmentation, even the nude one of the bunch is amazing. I will say that they have a strange smell, its not offensive in anyway but it's definitely not a product that has me sniffing the applicator because I love it so much.

Nude Eclipse

Nude Eclipse is a neutral true nude colour. It leans more on the orange side of the nudes but its not noticeable, it definitely doesn't look orangey when its on the lips! I find it slightly too dark for my skin tone however if I mix in a little bit of concealer it lightens up enough to be the perfect nude for my lips.


Nova is a darkish rosy colour. Its probably my least favourite of the bunch purely because I thought it would be a much lighter pink then it is, this doesn't mean that its not a gorgeous colour because it really is. Its muted enough that if you sheer it out and blend it in with your finger would look amazing as an every day colour.


Apocaliptic is a bright magenta colour which is so vibrant and yet is so perfect for wearing during the day. Its one of my favourites of the four that I chose as the colour is just so gorgeous, it might be a little too pinky for my skin tone as it brings out the redness in my cheeks however thats nothing a little extra foundation on my red patches can't fix.



Stellar is a bright darker shade of coral (if that makes sense) it is definitely the stand out of the bunch as I prefer the more orange/red toned lip products to pinks and nudes. It is so bright and literally livens up your face. I also found that it made my teeth look whiter which is always a plus!

Overall these lacquers are amazing when it comes to pigmentation, like literally one dip into the tube and thats all you'd need to coat your entire lips. The one thing that bugs me though is the formulation, they never dry or set and I mean never... They stay wet on the lips which for something so coloured can be a bit of an issue if you don't like to reapply your lip products throughout the day. I've found that the best way to combat this is to apply them then just blot, this way any excess liquidy product comes right off and you wont have to worry about them smearing all over your face!

Monday, 8 July 2013

DailyLook International Haul & Review!

After waiting for months and months and then having to nervously wait for 50,000 people to sign up, Daily Look are finally shipping internationally! ABOUT TIME! I hate when I find something that I love online only to discover that they don't ship internationally (i'm looking at you America). Thankfully Daily Look now ship worldwide and the minute I heard the news I placed a shoe order!

Okay, first impressions of the ordering process...a complete nightmare. I had some major difficulties when I was checking out which I then later fixed by finally being able to pay with paypal, however when you use paypal you can't use any coupon codes which is incredibly annoying.
The delivery time was great, my order was shiped on the 27/6/ and arrived on the 8/7 which for an American website isn't too bad!

Onto what I bought!

Hidden Wedge Sneakers

I have a navy pair of hidden wedge sneakers which I pretty much wear every single day. They are definitely the comfiest shoes that I own and can really dress down an outfit which I love. When I saw this taupe coloured pair I knew I had to have them! They have a smaller heel then the other pair I own which makes them even comfier and at $49.99 I thought they were a pretty good purchase!

You can buy these sneakers  here.

Simple Strap Heel

I have been wanting a pair of strappy heels for the longest time but have never wanted to pay a lot of money for them. When I saw these simple black strappy heels for $34.99 I couldn't pass them up. They come in 5 others colours like a nude and a white which I really loved also but I just felt that black goes with everything and so I chose the black pair.

 You can buy the strappy heels here

Modern Sandal Heels

These shoes are the reason I placed my order in the first place. I was so worried that they would be sold out by the time I got to buy them but thankfully they were still in stock when DailyLook announced its international shipping. Yes I am aware that these look exactly like the Jeffery Campbell pair and even a UNIF pair that have the ombre heel however I am not willing to pay over $120 dollars for something that I can pay $44.95 for. Especially because these are such a seasonal on trend item. All that said, I am so happy to have these as I love the look of the clear heel and simplicity of the sandal straps. They also come in a bunch of other colour combinations such as black and gold which I also loved but again opted for the all black pair.

You can buy these beauties here

 I will definitely be shopping with DailyLook again, and when I do you guys are likely to be hearing about it!

Elizabeth xx