Friday, 30 May 2014

May Favourites

Another month has flown by and all I'm left with are a bunch of products that I have been obsessing over. A pretty random bunch of stuff this month, some old and some new so lets get into the roundup!

Mac Lipstick in Creme D'Nude

I've only recently discovered that this is one of those lip colours that girls stay away from because of the whole "foundation lips" thing. Which kind of made me feel slightly awkward about loving it so much. However, on me it doesn't looks like foundation at all. Its the perfect nude shade for my skin tone! Maybe that just makes me really pale which is just sad but I do really love this shade on me it just completes any look that I may be wearing and just makes everything look a little more put together.

Zoeva 28 Nudes Palette

This is a new purchase for me this month and lets all take a moment of silence to just look at how amazing the colour selection in this guy are. *pauses for admiration* This palette is just amazing and has every nude colour you could ever need. It even has one weird pink colour that may look like blush in the pan but is actually a really gorgeous shimmery light shade that I've been using all over the lid. The pigmentation however isn't something to twist and shout about however for the price of the palette I wasn't expecting miracle holy grail eye shadows. It does the job and does it well.

Sleek Contouring Kit in Light

I've been looking into contouring kits for a while now and decided to just bite the bullet and get one that wasn't too expensive in case I had a complete fail whilst using it and then regretted spending so much money. This incredible affordable one from Sleek does exactly what I wanted. It has a dark matte brown that is the perfect shade for lighter skin tones. You only need a tiny amount of this as it is so incredibly pigmented and you just blend it out under the cheekbone for some definition! The highlighter isn't so bad either which is a bonus as I only really wanted to contouring colour, definitely worth checking out!

Smashbox Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is the best blending brush I've ever used to date. You can tell how fluffy it is in the picture and it is just so soft and nice when using it on the eyes. This one is the double ended brush that came with the Full Exposure Palette another major favourite of mine and is one that I disregarded until I decided to wash my usual eye brushes and this was the only dry one left. It was like fate telling me to use this little guy and thank you fate because I haven't stopped!

Elf Daily Brush Cleaner

It's cheap. It smells nice. It works really well. It drys quickly. That is all you need to know about this spot cleaner. Literally it cleans your brushes really well for something so cheap and I am super impressed with this. If your in need of something to just spot clean your brushes check this one out form elf!

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

This is one of those products that I call "Forget Me Not" products. The products that you love when you first buy them and then they end up in the back of your draws lost for a few months then you find them again and its like you've been reunited with your long lost love except probably not that dramatic. This concelear is so good at covering up dark circles, like the product says it just erases them. If you haven't seen the millions of people talking about how amazing this is then where have you been?! Go try it and thank me later. 

There you have it! Another month, another roundup.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May Haul: Michael Kors, Tobi, Winsdor Smith, Luxola & More!

Instead of doing random haul posts I thought I would try and keep them to a monthly type thing. Depending on how much stuff I buy each month I will do a collective haul showing you all the lovely things that I spent my money on. So for this month there are a few exciting things and some other new bits from websites that I've been eager to try! I will also try and link things wherever I can so you can go purchase them if you wish to!

Michael Kors

Obviously the largest purchase of this month goes to my new love, the Michael Kors Medium Selma Satchel. This beauty has two whole posts dedicated to it, so if you wanted to view it in full check those out!

Windsor Smith & Asos

I bought two new pairs of boots this month both are black and both are ankle boots.

The first being a pair that I've had on my wish list for the longest time, they are the Speck boots by Windsor Smith. These are a heeled chelsea boot that I have pretty much been living in since I got them. They add a little more edge to an outfit and dress everything up slightly. They are also super comfortable. You can purchase these here

I also got a flat pair of boots from ASOS because I had a 30% discount code. I have a pair from Tony Bianco which I wear to death and have had for way too long so I figured it was time for an upgrade. These are amazing and look so sleek with any outfit. You can purchase these here

Tobi is a brand that I have wanted to buy from for ages. I never did because the shipping was always ridiculous to Australia. The thing that got me always wanting to buy was the fact that they have 50% off your first oder...isn't that nuts?! When I heard they had flat rate shipping to Aus I figured why not?

I got a jacket/coat/cardigan from them that has a leather collar. It look so nice on and will definitely be a winter staple for me. The black is sold out but you can purchase the red one here.

I also got yet another knit to fuel my knitwear obsession.  This one is grey with a black panel around the top and across the shoulders, it is unlike any other that I have so its a welcome addition to my knitwear family. You can purchase this here

Luxola is the most amazing website that I randomly stumbled across when searching for Sleek products. They sell so many hard to find yet amazing brands and they ship express to Aus. Seriously if you are from Australia and are looking for really good/hard to find makeup give Luxola a go. 

I bought a palette from Zoeva which is the Nude 28 Shade palette. It has every nude shade you could ever need and the best part? IT HAS GREAT PIGMENTATION! If you're starting out with makeup this is a great affordable palette that I would seriously recommend. Review coming soon. You can purchase this here.

I also got the Sleek Contouring kit because I've heard great things about it. I'm yet to try it but it looks amazing in the palette! You can purchase this here   

I also got a new pencil brush because I left mine at a clients house when I was doing her unfortunate so I just picked up this sigma one! You can purchase this here

Cotton On

Cotton On is one of those brands here in Australia that is everywhere and sells really basic stuff. I rarely go in because the things in store are never as good as they are online, but when I received an email with a 30% off code I figured I may as well pick up some basic things!

I got a pair of leather look jeans simply because I love how they look when paired with knits and basic tops. They are also great for nights out with heels and a cute top! The pair I bought are no longer available but you can purchase similar ones here

I also got a basic long sleeve grey top to use for layering under jackets and coats. There are a great thing to have in your wardrobe if your unsure of what to wear as they can be accessorised in so many ways. You can purchase this here

I also got a pom pom beanie because who doesn't love a pom pom beanie?! Am I right?! The grey version I bought is sold out but the black is available here

That is most of the stuff that I bought this month! Look forward to more of these posts coming at you at the end of each month!

Monday, 26 May 2014

What's In My Bag? Michael Kors Selma Edition

This is probably one of the more exciting posts that I'm going to write! Purely because it involves a little bit well a big bit of Michael Kors! I am so excited to be sharing this amazing bag with you guys because I simply love it so much. Okay enough of my doting over this bag and onto the contents within! 

The bag itself is really spacious and can fit a whole bunch of stuff which is a positive and a negative at the same time! It's also really structured which makes things really easy to find and really easy to store your stuff. 

Even though it has a tonne of stuff in it it still manages to maintain its shape which is something that I really love. There is nothing worse then loving how a bag looks when its empty and then having it completely lose its shape when its been filled. This bag does not do that at all which is amazing.

Firstly I have my wallet and my keys, the two most important things besides my phone which is currently charging and not in my bag that I carry around with me every day. My wallet is from Mimco and is an envelope style purse in a tan leather. I got this wallet for $150 less then the original price during the boxing day sales a huge bargain. My key chain is also from Mimco there is a lot of mimco in this bag you have been warned another item that I got on a massive sale, its large enough that I can find it whenever its hiding in the bottom of my bag. This bag also has a little strap that you can attach your keys to however thats just not practical for me.

 I then like to sort all of my random things into these pouches because it just makes life easier when you're looking for things within your bag.

In the white pouch I keep makeup bits, a few lip products and a powder. I have a Maybelline The Elixar, a new lip product from the MAC Proenza Schouler collection and a benefit gloss. I also have the Porefessional powder from Benefit, which is really good for touchups on the go don't really like it for everyday though.

In the yellow pouch I have all the essentials, bandaids, hand wipes, a mirror, hand cream, panadol, throat lozzengers and everything else you could ever need. This little pouch has seriously saved me in some situations and I carry it in every one of my bags.

Onto the random things, I have a notebook with me this one is from type and is adorable. I also have headphones a must have at all times a pack of tissues because I am currently suffering from a serious bout of the sniffles. I also have a Napoleon Perdis gift card which I am yet to use but will be using very soon.

Onto the even more random things! I have some soothers for the sore throat that I currently have, a pack of chewing gum in case of bad breath a lip balm for those times when your lips get dry and a little perfume!. I also have two pairs of 3D glasses because I just saw the new Xmen movie and it was in 3D! 

That is everything that I am currently carrying around in my new beautiful bag!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Proenza Schouler for MAC

I was really excited when I hear that Proenza and MAC would be bringing out a collaboration collection. I was even more excited when I saw the packaging that the collection was coming in. I only picked up two items from the collection purely because MAC is so expensive over here in Australia and I decided to restrain myself from buying everything which I'm glad that I did.

The first item that I picked up was this ombre blush in the shade Ocean City. Its a gorgeous tan/bronzey colour that melts into a warm peach. I was super excited about this product because of how gorgeous it looks on the outside and on the inside.
I am however slightly disappointed with it. It is incredibly sheer when applied, even the warm peachy shade which looks super bright in the palette comes off really sheer. As you can see on my hand, you can barely see the product and thats when i've dragged my finger across it trying to get as much colour pay off as possible. The bronzey shade at the top is exactly the same. Looks amazing in the packaging but then applies really sheerly on the skin.
The one lip colour that really stood out to me was Primrose. It was described as a sheer berry plum which sounded amazing on the website but again was slightly disappointing.
I was expecting more of a sheer lipstick and not so much of a tinted balm, which is pretty much what it is. The swatch on my hand is after applying 5-6 coats which is a lot when you think about applying that on the lips. It also doesn't apply evenly at all and is really patchy when it goes on. So overall its not my favourite product that I own but its not terrible either.

I'm slightly underwhelmed with these products purely because I had such high expectations and because I was really excited to this collection launching. Did you buy anything from this collection? How did you feel about it? I would love to know!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Michael Kors Medium Selma Satchel Review

Something incredibly exciting happened to me today, and the first thing I wanted to do when it happened was to tell you guys about it! I have been on the hunt for a Michael Kors Selma Satchel in black in the medium size for nearly a year. I have not been successful in my hunt and last month I pretty much gave up on my search. The larger size and the smaller sizes are everywhere but this size was just no where to be found! 
This morning I needed to run some errands which involved me heading to my nearest shopping centre. For some reason I decided to head into David Jones a department store that I rarely go into and I saw the Michael Kors stand...and on that stand hiding behind all the other bags was this little guy. THE BAG OF MY DREAMS. I have no idea what made me go into the store or what made me look at the bags but I believe that it was fate enough of the dramatics and onto the actual bag!

The bag itself is the Medium Selma Satchel in the black saffiano leather. It is gorgeous and is exactly the type of bag I have been looking for. The quality of this bag is incredible. I've never owned a proper designer handbag before so holding this bag just feels different from all the other cheaper bags that I own.

 The reason I wanted this size is because it is large enough to be an everyday purse but it is also small enough to take on nights out or during the evening without being this huge bag that I have to lug around with me. It comes with top handle which I adore but it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, this makes it super practical for everyday use.
 The hardware that comes with this bag is gold. As far as i'm aware its the only colour that comes with all of the Selma bags but I could be wrong. The black and the gold together just looks really classic and classy and even though I tend to wear more silver things I really like the gold that is on this bag.

 This bag set me back exactly $420 Australian dollars it still hurts a little to think about paying that much for something I had been saving up for this bag for a while so when I found it if i ever found it I would simply be able to purchase it. I work really hard to be able to buy things that I want to but in saying that I don't buy expensive things all the time, I don't really buy expensive things at all to be honest. This bag will be the last "bag" purchase for a long time as it is all I will need for a really long time.

A "Whats In My Bag?" featuring this beauty will be coming soon so stay tuned for that!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Lip Products Addict Tag

This tag is right up my alley, its all about your favourite lip products and lip products are something that I simply adore. So, onto the questions!

1. Favourite balm/treatment?

Nuxe Rev De Miel is by far my favourite lip balm/treatment. I feel like I'm always talking about it but that is because it is seriously that good. Whenever my lips are feeling really dry or are in real need of something extra swiping on a little of this fixes whatever lip issues that I'm having. Super rich, super hydrating it is just the best lip balm i've ever used.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Lady Danger by Mac is my go to eye catching red. It sits on the orange side of the spectrum which I find really flattering with my eyes and my hair colour. Its also something a little different to your average fire engine red. I tend to get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it which is always nice and as an added bonus its a matte formula which means it lasts for ages on the lips.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

YSL Rouge Velupte Burgandy is 100% my favourite luxury lipstick. I own a few other shades and I am just in love with the formula of them. They are so creamy and nice when you apply them, plus the shade range is also lovely. Because of the formula that aren't the longest lasting lip product but I'm not the type who minds a re apply every now and then.

The Kate Moss Lipsticks are a great drugstore alternative to the Mac lipsticks. They are super affordable and while they don't have the largest colour range they have some really great colours in there. The formula is really great and they also smell really nice, they are also long lasting which is really great from a drugstore product!

4. Best MAC lipstick?

I thought I'd throw a nude lip colour in here because all the others that I have talked about have been more on the bright side. Pure Zen is my everday orangey nude that I reach for whenever I want to look a little bit more polished.

5. The most disappointing?

I dislike everything about this Revlon Balm Stain. The smell is horrible, the texture is not nice and the colour comes off really horribly on my lips. It doesn't last more then 10 minutes as it just wipes away and the tube isn't full all the way when you first get it. I was so disappointed with this product that its put me off all of the other balm type products from Revlon.

6. Liner - yes or no?

Depends! Everyday nude means no liner for me, night out with a bold lip means a lip liner is a must. It stops the colour from bleeding and also means that it will last longer on the lips!

7. Best gloss?

Nyx Butter glosses are a really great and really affordable gloss. The reason that I have chosen these is because I hate glosses. You know those ones that are so sticky and horrible that your hair gets stuck in them? These are the complete opposite of that. Good enough to wear on their own or over a lip colour these butter glosses are exactly as the name suggests super buttery and smooth when applied. Great for everyday wear they have a colour for all occasions ranging from light nudes to deep plums!

8. Something extra!

I feel like every lip addict needs some sort of lip scrub in their lives. Whenever I'm going out and choosing to wear a bold lip I always make sure to give my lips a little scrub down just to ensure there is no icky skin around the edges of my mouth I know, gross. This one is a bubblegum one from Lush and it is AMAZING its pretty much just bubblegum flavoured sugar that you rub onto your lips then lick off. It leaves your lips smooth and ready for whatever lip product you want to apply!