Saturday, 23 May 2015

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer // Review

Winter is pretty much here in Australia which means any sort of tan that I once had is completely gone. This also means that my current bronzers are slightly too dark to get away with wearing. I was in desperate need of a new one and had always wanted to try the "chocolate" range from too faced so when I saw the milk chocolate version I knew I needed to get it.

First off its completely matte which I loveeeeee, I will never understand why companies need to fill a bronzer with shimmer and glitter but maybe thats just me. It is also the perfect shade for bronzing paler skin. Its not cool toned so I wouldn't be contouring with it, it more warm but not orange. Perfect for bronzing up your cheeks.

It also smells like straight up chocolate. Hard to believe I know but it really does. When I was buying it I copped a few weird looks from people as I stood there just smelling the entire range.

If your'e a paley like me then I would recommend getting this to make yourself not so pale anymore!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mac Burgandy x9 // A Mini Palette

This may surprise you, but I only own 4 Mac shadows...I know, sometimes I even question myself. For some reason I just never buy them. I'm all about the palettes and buying individual shadows just never interested me. Plus the 15 pan palettes from Mac are ridonculously expensive so I've avoided them at all cost. 

Thats where this little palette comes in. Mac released these are x9 meaning you get 9 shadows all in different shades in a convenient little packet. Naturally I went for the Burgandy x9 because these are the colours that I go for all the time. 

When it arrived, I'm not going to lie I was kind of stunned at just how small this palette is. If you own a Mac quad then you have something to compare this to because this palette is the same size. They crammed 9 shadows into a quad so they are pretty teeny tiny. For some reason it doesn't bother me too much however I can see why some people might be annoyed. 

This little palette is perfect for everyday use and travelling as it is so small and has so many shadows in it. Also I love how it has a selection of colours that you know all go together and no random colourful one that most palettes seem to have (i'm talking to you random blue shadow that shows up everywhere unexpectedly) 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Models Prefer Mineral Powder Soft Touch // Review

I'm all for beauty on a budget so when I heard a whisper through the interwebs that these powders were very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders I was all over it. 

I have Photo Ready and Soft Touch both of which are beautiful on the skin. The best part for me is that they have no glitter in them! Somthing that I hate in products is glitter...unless I'm buying straight up glitter I don't want to see it in any of my face products. 

These have a really soft glow to them which is really nice, not as highlighty as the Hourglass ones but these are great for setting your face makeup with or for applying over your bronzer to add a subtle glow. 

I wouldn't say they are exactly the same as the more expensive Hourglass ones but if you can't afford the bucks for those, give these a go as they are really nice as their own product!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Buttercup & 1995 Lipstick // Review

These lipsticks had me really excited when they first came out but the price plus shipping to Aus was a little high so I held off. Of course when a sale on them popped up with free shipping I jumped on the chance and ordered them right away. 

Buttercup is the perfect shade for my lips, as it is pretty much identical to my natural colour which makes it perfect for everyday wear. A really pretty nude with a slight pink to it. 
1995 is that Kylie Jenner colour that everyone wants. I would say this has a little more red to it, sort of like a terracotta colour then a browny nude. 

The formula of these absolutely sucks. They aren't matte and they aren't shiny they are just a dry. These also don't apply nicely to the lips either because they are so dry they just drag along without depositing any colour at all. 

These colours are so pretty and I'm so sad that they don't work for my lips because if the formulation of them was better I feel like they would be holy grail!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue // Review

If you know me you know that I am all about those lightweight foundations. When this one hit the market I was sort of skeptical because it seemed too good to be true. A weightless foundation that has good coverage and is also really hydrating. When I went to buy this I was really impressed to see that they have 6/7 shades which is great for a tinted moisturiser as usually they only come in light/meduium and dark. I bought the lightest shade as I'd rather it be too light then too dark and I feel like its a perfect match for my pale little face. 

This product looks so nice on the skin, it looks fresh and dewy which is exactly what I wanted. It also has great coverage which I wasn't expecting and its really buildable so if one layer isn't enough for you you can just keep adding till your happy with the look.

I set this with a powder and it lasts all day which is also a plus! Overall if you're after a lightweight base for everyday then I would check this little product out!

Also! It comes with its own specifically designed brush but I wouldn't run out to get it, this works well with fingers or with your regular buffing brush.