Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Full Coverage Foundations

There are so many different types of foundations out there that it can be really hard to navigate through the different formulas and finishes. I've narrowed down my faves from the full coverage family in the hopes that it will help you when you go to purchase one!

Mac Studio Sculpt: Studio Sculpt is one of those 'love or hate' type foundations, if your skin isnt prepped right it can be really hard to work with. It has a medium coverage that is so buildable so if you want it to be full you can definitely get it there. SPF 15 in this one so avoid it if you'll be taking flash photos or selfies with an Iphone camera because you will look like you have a white face mask on. As for skin prep, make sure that its all sunken into the skin well before applying this product, otherwise it might not stick to your skin at all! (Normal to Dry Skin Types)

Makeup Forever HD Foundation: This is my go to for photoshoots as it has so much coverage but just looks like skin. It has some HD technology in it that I don't really understand but all I do know is that it was designed for TV so you know that when you wear it you'll look good in every photo. (All Skin Types)

Maybelline Matte & Poreless: If you want smooth looking skin than this little guy will be your go to. This works amazingly on an oily skin because its mattifying, keeping your skin flawless all day long! It says it has a natural finish but I find you can really build up the coverage if you need to! (Normal to Oily Skin Types)

Stila Stay All Day Foundation: One of the longest wearing foundations I've ever used, the Stay All Day formula looks and feels light on the skin but it has so much coverage its kind of insane. Really amazing at evening out skin tone and pores but it is completely breathable so you wont feel it on the  skin at all! (All Skin Types)

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation: One of the most popular foundations for those wanting a completely matte finish. This foundation is so watery that a lot of people don't believe me when I tell them how much coverage it actually has. It has such a high level of pigment in it that it will cover pretty much anything while feeling like nothing on the face. Perfect for nights out and photography! Pro tip with this one, prep the skin reaaaaally well underneath, lots of hydration and a good primer as it will stick to any dryness that you have. (Normal to Oily Skin)

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid To Powder Foundation: This foundation is insane, its a liquid to powder so its amazing on an oily skin as it absorbs those oils throughout the day. It also has a really amazing amount of coverage. It also has a whole bunch of amazing skin care benefits in it, the most impressive being that after a four week trial 100% of the women reported an overall improvement in the texture and appearance of there skin

There you go! My full coverage roundup, what are you're go to full coverage foundations?