Sunday, 14 May 2017

Kylie Cosmetics - An Honest Review

I'm not going to lie, I Keep Up With The Kardashians and im not ashamed of it. Its one of those things that I watch and follow but I'm not really sure why I do it. The whole Kylie Cosmetics brand is another thing that for some reasons I felt compelled to own at least one item from. I'm honestly a marketers dream, hype anything up enough and I'll buy it. I also realise that everyone in the whole world has probably done a review on these but I just wanted to add my little input in for anyone wondering what I think of the lip products.

The first lot of Lip Kits were among some of the first items I managed to get my hands on (a complete fluke which I'm still not sure how I achieved). I was somehow able to get my hands on Dolce K and Candy K. First of all the colours are soooo so different on her and in photos then when you get them, so be prepared for that. Candy K is probably my favorite out of these two, its a very nude pink which is perfect for everyday. Dolce K on the other hand literally looks nothing like what you think it was, while it is still pretty its just so much darker then I wanted it to be. The formula on these is also pretty good, super smooth on the lips and obviously very matte, as for lasting power I'd say they stay on for at least a few hours before they need a touch up. 

The next lip kit I managed to snatch up was from the birthday collection. As soon as I saw that insta post of this burgundy lip colour, something in my mind went a little nuts. I woke up at all kinds of weird hours (australian time zone problems) just to try and get my hands on this colour. Its one of my fave colours to wear and it became a 'need' not a 'want' item in my makeup filled brain. The colour on this one is the perfect burgundy, the formula however is a little weird. You cannot layer this one at all as it removes the product as you start to apply more, it also isnt opaque with one coat, see my dilema? I need to apply more then one layer but can't which completely sucks because I do really love the colour, I'll have to figure out a way to wear it because I will not let all my efforts to get this one go to waste!

The last items on my Kylie wish list were the glosses. I'm a glossy girl at heart and the colours on these are so perfect and right up my alley. These were the easiest items for me to get, no waking up at a ridiculous time or waiting in any queues, I just happened to be on the website when these were in stock so I got them! I got Literally, So Cute and Koko K. These are seriously pigmented glosses, not the type of product you could layer over any lipstick because they will completely change the colour of it. I love how creamy the are and how easy they are to apply, and they have quickly become some of my favorite glosses to wear.

So there you go! My Kylie Cosmetics review! Have you tried any of her products? What are your thoughts on them or on her brand, I would love to hear from you!